A new book by Nancy Klancher

What kind of mother must a woman be to give birth to “chosen” or “saved” peoples?

The many stories of biblical mothers found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament are deeply concerned with this question and answer it in surprising and diverse ways. From Sarah, Abraham’s wife, to Mary, the mother of Jesus, each mother embodies the type of woman her culture thought she had to be to produce a holy people set apart by God.

The larger question of Klancher’s book asks, to what end?

"This is a must-read for those interested in motherhood, female bodies, oppression, and biblical interpretation” ~ Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan, Shaw University Divinity School

"The Biblical Mothers Deliver is a provocation." ~ Dale C. Allison Jr., Princeton Theological Seminary

"Klancher introduces us to the mothers of the Bible in clear and inventive ways. Most importantly, she begins a conversation with the issues affecting mothers of our current times." ~ Tina Pippin, Agnes Scott College

Sarah brings Hagar to Abraham

by Matthias Stom circa 1630 & 1655

Expulsion of Ishmael and His Mother

by Gustave Doré 1866

Rachel Is Weeping For Her Children

by unknown artist 14th century

What does it mean when different types of mothers are used to establish the value of some people over others?

Salus Populi Romani (Mary, Protectress of the Roman People)

by unknown artist 5th century

Tamar and Judah

by Arent de Gelder 1667

Lot and his Daughters

by Godfried Schalcken circa 1663 & 1706

"The Biblical Mothers Deliver" asks how the mothers' stories and their interpretation over the centuries have authorized diverse logics of sexual and racial difference that we live with today.